What are the hours of operation?

Flex Fitness clubs will remain accessible by current members 24/7 using their access key.

Refer to your club’s website for staffed hours.

How many members are allowed in the club at the same time?

We will be monitoring the number of people in the club at any given time and following the Government guidelines on public gatherings indoors.

Do I need to book a time to have a workout?

No, not for general club use at this stage. We will continue to monitor attendance especially during peak times, and if changes are required, we will update members accordingly.

How will group fitness operate?

Group fitness classes will look different. All group fitness will require booking in advance to facilitate contact tracing requirements and manage public health measures for physical distancing.

Please contact your club for more information.

What facilities or services are not available?

We recommend that members shower and change at home or at work where possible, however, changing rooms and showers will remain available during Alert Level 2 for those who need them. If you can, please arrive at the club ready to work out to reduce congestion in and around changing rooms.

The drinking fountain and water station are considered a ‘high touch zone’ so we recommend that members bring their own drink bottle, pre-filled. Water and other drinks will be available in the fridge during staffed hours of if a vending machine is available.

Do I need to wear a mask when working out?

Customers are legally required to wear a mask to the gym, inside the gym and when they leave the gym. However, you are NOT required to wear a mask when working out. 

What are the physical distancing requirements at the club?

A physical distance of at least 2 meters must always be maintained between yourself and others in the club. This is based on current public health measures at Alert Level 2.

Can I use a free trial or buy a casual visit?

Please contact your nearest Flex Fitness club for more information before visiting.

What will happen to my payments?

During Alert Level 2, gyms remain open so memberships remain active and payments will continue as normal. Members must agree to the Conditions of Entry each time they visit (each recorded visit is considered an agreement to these conditions) or their club may suspend the membership, therefore voiding keytag access to Flex Fitness.

During Alert Level 3, all gyms in the affected region will be closed and memberships at these clubs will be placed on hold/suspended and payments will be frozen. Members cannot access other Flex Fitness clubs if their membership is suspended.


What happens if my membership is on hold/suspended?

When a membership is on hold or suspended the payments are frozen and the member's key tag will not work. Members are not permitted to visit Flex Fitness while their membership is on hold/suspended.

When a suspension is lifted, there may be a pro-rata payment depending on your usual payment frequency and the day the suspension was applied. Likewise, some memberships will remain in credit for days paid for in advance, before the suspension was applied. If your first instalment is higher or lower than normal, this will explain why. Your second instalment will see payments back to normal.

Can I keep my membership on hold?

We understand that the global pandemic of COVID-19 has created unforeseen circumstances and concerns for many people. If you would like to apply for a new suspension, please contact your club to discuss your individual situation. Normal suspension terms and conditions will apply.

I always work out with my partner/spouse, do we both need our own access keys?

Yes, all members must have their own access key for health and safety purposes. The government requirement for contact tracing means that all members MUST bring and use their own access key each time you arrive and when you leave the club (if available).

If you have misplaced your key, you will need to organise a replacement key. You will not be allowed to visit the club without a key.

What is Flex Fitness doing to minimise the risk of COVID-19 contamination in the clubs?

Flex Fitness has always maintained a high standard of cleanliness and hygiene. We will be cleaning the club more regularly during the day especially during peak times and with particular attention to high touchpoints.

  • Clubs will conduct a deep-clean once daily and spot-clean regularly during busy periods.
  • Flex Fitness requires all members to wash their hands upon arrival and before they leave and disinfect all equipment before and after use.
  • Flex Fitness will be monitoring access to the club more closely, during and after staffed hours.
  • Sanitising wipes and hand sanitiser will be available.
  • Members may be asked to leave the club if they do not agree to the Conditions of Entry or follow the required public health and hygiene protocols, and their membership may be suspended.
  • If a suspended member visiting from any region in Alert Level 3 wishes to visit any Flex Fitness club outside of their region, in a lower Alert Level, they will be required to have a covid-19 test and provide evidence of a negative result before they will be permitted to visit.

Can I visit reciprocal Flex Fitness clubs?

Yes, if your membership is active and not on hold, but you must use your access key.

To reduce the risk of contamination and limit exposure to other people we recommend that members stick to their home club or choose 1 club to visit during Alert level 2, if possible.

Can I resume training with my personal trainer?

Yes, one-on-one personal training sessions can resume with regular handwashing between clients, maintaining a physical distancing of at least 2 meters between people and sanitizing equipment before and after use.

We recommend body composition scanning where possible to reduce the contact required by conducting skinfolds or measurements.