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Eliza McCartney - what does it mean to compete?


For some, to compete is to match power, speed, intensity & effort to win! For Eliza McCartney, competing is more of an "expression of self", a joyful occasion to showcase what she has been working on and bring that into the spotlight on a single day. This unique perspective rings true for thousands of Kiwis who exercise every day, working on their physical and mental selves to show up and 'perform' at work and at home.

Alongside a joyful expression of self through competition, Eliza's ability to approach her craft in a more serious/technical way has taken her far - winning Olympic Bronze in Rio 2016, and Silver at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games in 2018. Training every portion of a vault includes ground activity; a disciplined run, being tall on takeoff, & "the chop", and air activity; the vector of energy, the appropriate right-hand pressure into "the box" and a quick turn. Most of these terms and references only those familiar with the pole vault movement can fully understand and appreciate, but the attention to detail is clear to anyone.

Eliza's example gives us two key principles that we can apply in our own health & fitness journeys and competitive environments;

1. Competing can be a joyful experience, an expression of self

2. Technical focus equals technical execution

We wish Eliza and all New Zealand Team members the best of luck for Paris 2024!

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