How to Get Started with Kickboxing?


The idea of sparring is to practice your kickboxing techniques with a partner. With your gym buddie throw as many punches as you can and learn from your mistakes if you don’t land a punch. Always warm up prior to your workout. By warming up you will have your muscles ready so they aren’t stiff for the workout!

  • Never take your eyes off your partner
  • Keep your feet in your stance at all times
  • Retract your punches back to your chin for protection
  • Start at a slow & comfortable pace to reduce fear and flinching
  • Always set your feet before you punch or kick
  • Keep your distance from your partner, to simulate a real situation
  • Throw combinations, the more you throw, the more you land
  • Keep your feet moving in a rhythm
  • Stay focused and controlled. No one wants to get injured.
Try our kickboxing inspired workout from Quade Taranaki

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