Saffi Vette - motivating others with perseverance & passion

Gisborne's Saffi Vette is taking on the globe's top surfers at the Paris 2024 Olympics.

Overcoming personal trials including the loss of her father, school bullying, dyslexia, and financial struggles, Vette's journey to the Games is marked by resilience.

Inspired by her late father and supported by her community, Saffi is a source of inspiration and embraces her challenges, hoping to motivate others with her story of perseverance and passion.

Her shine and spark is a vibe and her infectious enthusiasm was evident when we met with her in our Cambridge club for a workout and film shoot. Staying fit, strong and injury-free pre-games is the goal so her time in the gym is imperative to balance her training!

We cannot wait to follow Saffi's journey and wish her all the best!

See below the fun we had during our time with Saffi - MOVE, SWEAT, SMILE

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