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Smart ways to stay healthy on roadtrips!

Listen to our latest episode of Treadmill Talk with special guest Jake Campus Nutrition. Busting all the myths on health and nutrition. 

Smart ways to stay healthy while travelling in a car for a road trip! While it’s only spring leading up to summer we have more time off with friends and family over December and January. As kiwis we tend to travel near or far to spend time at our awesome beaches or just travel to see different towns on a roadie.

Find some tips below with us while travelling.


1. Bring smart snacks

Grab a cooler bag and see if you can pack it with plenty of nutritious snacks that are easy to grab on the go or you can make yourself at home. Here are some suggestions: plain Greek yogurt, string cheese, fruit, carrot or celery sticks with hummus, trail mix, dried seaweed & meat jerky.


2. Choose water

Make sure you choose water always for a roadtrip you must stay hydrated. It’s always good to have a couple of bottles of H20 than soda or coffee as coffee can actually dehydrate the body if you have too much of it!


3. Stretch your legs (and shoulders and neck)

Stop frequently and make sure you move around and stretch! You will most likely feel that your muscles will be more tense after a few hours at the wheel.  The hip flexors, lower back, shoulders and neck are most likely to tense up after a few hours at the wheel.



Windows and windshields will keep the bugs out of the car but your skin will not be fully protected unless you are wearing SPF sunscreen. Find a SPF30 to keep your skin safe on the longer roadies.


5. Eyes are also important! 

A good set of sunglasses is essential from exposure to the harsh sun.  Sometimes too much exposure to the sun can damage vision and even cause certain types of cancers. Tips for coloured eyes. If you have blue, green or grey eyes you should take special care of them when it comes to protection from the sun!


6. BYO gym

No gym where you are going? No problem we say! Make use of what you have and what you can pack. All you need is some gym gear, sneakers and your smart phone and headphones. Go for a walk/run where you are staying or think of ways you can do an easy workout no equipment needed. Try pinterest or google to search for workouts.


7. Practice perfect posture

Perfect practice posture. It is really tricky to make sure that your posture is always perfect. 

Tip from us is to sit up tall and take frequent breaks to roll the shoulders, stretch the neck and realign posture.


8. Stay engaged at the wheel.

Try and stay engaged as much as possible. When you are sitting in stand still or traffic, try sucking in the abs and squeeze the glutes to keep muscles working.


9. Choose meals wisely

There are only so many healthy snacks someone can eat in one day before they crack for a fast food meal or gas station hot meal. If you want to avoid the heavy meals try for grilled items, plenty of green and don’t be shy in asking for sauce to be added on the side of your meals.


10. Go loosey goosey

Choose loose, light layers to aide circulation and prevent chafing and overheating. Compression socks look dorky, but they can prevent achy muscles (and in more extreme circumstances, deep vein thrombosis, a condition where blood clots from in the legs after sitting for a long time) if you’re planning on long stretches of sitting.


11. Get plenty of rest

Drowsy Driving is never pleasant and can be avoided, please take breaks when needed as  it’s downright dangerous. Get off the roads when feeling sleepy or alternative drivers to keep eyes on the roads at all times.  


12. Keep the brain active

What’s a road trip without a bumpin’ playlist and plenty of off key singing at the top of your lungs? The songs on the road make the trip, but an audiobook or podcast can help pass the time, when travel buddies are too tired for a sing-a-long. Everyone will learn the new, exercise their brains, and a bit of new knowledge or an interesting story will make the miles fly by.