Jake Bryant

I have been working in the industry for 5 years and got into being a coach due to injuries I had obtained in sports. After years of rehab, I started to look for answers myself and so the journey began. I began to find enjoyment in the details of how the body moves and how to place the body in spaces where it's strong, balanced and healthy while encouraging muscle growth and efficiency to work towards results. My passion is based on lifestyle balance and teaching people how nutrition, cardio, weights, movement, lifestyle and mindset complement each other and work together. The work smarter not harder approach. I like making plans that reduce stress on the body, provide more energy to individuals and help people to become stronger physically and mentally.

  • Lifestyle Balance
  • Habits & Planning
  • Goal Specific training
  • Exercise Technique
  • Muscular Engagement
  • Force Production
  • Rehab
  • EducationAwareness
Jake Bryant

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