20191218 Blog Banner 10K winner

Meet Dave Spite our $10K Summer Shred Winner of 2019!

Who are you Dave?

I'm 35 married with a 2-year-old living in Lincoln. Currently I’m a detective in the police and been in police for 12 years. My old man was also a cop so it runs in the family.

Life’s been good and life has had its challenges, its good to have something like this happen! 

Tell us what you were doing before and what motivated you to give $10K Summer Shred a crack?

A few years now I have been pretty much family life and work with full of excuses and never really given myself a time to look after myself that was going to help me. I started letting myself go more and it was more of a gradual thing I didn’t notice much until April this year with a trip I had with a few friends and looked at the mirror and I wasn’t impressed with what I saw. 

How did you hear about Flex Fitness Lincoln and the Summer Shred?

My brother in law signed me up for a short-term membership and to be honest I waisted this short-term contract with excuses after excuses of not going. A few months later maybe in August my wife started seeing a PT here and one night my wife couldn’t make a session so I jumped in and then that kick started me to become more motivated because she was relentless and wasn’t prepared to listen to my excuses which is what I needed.

Tell us about your results and what you were aiming to achieve? 

So initially my goal was to lose 10kgs. I did a bit of research online to see how much I could lose in 3 months and what I found for my body type was around 10kgs as a reachable goal.

5 weeks in I hit 10kgs, Mel here who is the owner asked me what’s your next goal and my start weight was 114kgs and I already hit 104kgs in three weeks, so my new goal was to be sub 100kg at the end of the Summer Shred. 

What was the Nutrition part of the challenge like for you?

The nutrition that they did for me was sustainable which was the biggest plus even though things I have never tried before like protein powder was introduced into my diet and that was very new to me. I was having more salads and portion controlled amounts. Biggest thing that held me back before was not knowing what to make out of portion sizes but doing this challenge learned how to make sure I was having the correct amounts. 

What was the one meal you could rely on quick an easy and taste good every time?

The salad was it for me! I would have cooked potatoes and added salmon, some baby spinach and capsicum with light greens and veggies into it and lite mayo. The salad and salmon combo was quite filling. I would always throw a tone of spinach in always! And It was easy as long as spuds are cooked you would have enough for a couple days and take it to work in the week.

Was there any new things you tried by the way of training?

I think I had never really done much with deadlifts and apart of that is because I never had a PT so I was always concerned about my technique and stayed away from exercises like this. With a deadlifts workout you can feel it throughout your body. I also learned a variety of different exercises I was given and learning about three different exercises with 3 or 4 rounds challenging but good for change!

Where to from here with the big cheque what is the next goal?

I want to stick at it and be consistent and really don’t want to go backwards. Also, would like to change my body to a certain point with more muscle mass over the chest and build my arms and tone up stomach. From that point, to be consistent and try stick with a healthy diet most of the stuff I have in the plan will work on a daily anyway. But also want to line up my dinner meals with something I can have at home with my wife. 

What will you do with $10,000?

Probably stuff to do around the house, and with the landscaping. Definitely a holiday at some point and then if we have something left to put away in the bank to make interest and pay off the mortgage!