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With Winter season in full swing,  the all too familiar colds & flu season comes along with this. 

When we get struck with a cold or the flu our bodies go into overdrive to isolate, and then attack the source of the illness.

How can we avoid getting sick? 

  1. Make sure you are sleeping between 6-8hrs per night
  2. Eat healthy nutrient-dense food which includes seasonal vegetables, leafy green, and high fiber carbohydrates.
  3. Drink plenty of water, it is recommended 2.5L a day
  4. When feeling stressed manage it by taking some time out even if this means going out for a walk, reading a book or talking to someone.
  5. Get into a routine of regular exercise. A couple of times a week 2-3 is a good start, working out encourages the immune system to produce new disease fighting white blood cells.

Finding the motivation to eat healthy can be difficult in Winter as well. Keep yourself motivated by listening to our Treadmill Talk Episodes which discusses all different subjects from training, nutrition & lifestyle.

Other winter helpful tips to take on board:

A clean house is just as important, keep warm, and wear layers of clothes, make sure you are often checking the temperature.