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Health is wealth. Movement and a balanced diet are going to be your big money makers when it comes to banking some ‘health.’ So, let’s start topping up your health and fitness account. With a diverse range of sports experiences, I am eager to share my knowledge gained from years of learning, competing, and completing various forms of exercise. My fitness expertise keeps growing through ongoing education and valuable life lessons from CrossFit, strength training, and multi-day endurance events, including ultra-marathons. Before becoming a coach, I worked as a civil engineer, dealing with high stress and long hours that left little personal time. This experience pushed me to make a significant life change. I understand firsthand the challenges of prioritising fitness in a busy schedule and the importance of maintaining healthy habits, especially during tough times. This fuels my dedication to helping you maintain your training sessions and other health protocols that are set, as having healthy habits is going to be crucial for managing everyday stress and overall health and life satisfaction. Whatever your goal or aspiration is, together with a good amount of knowledge and experience we can help you take those crucial first steps. My aim is to not just help you achieve your fitness goals but to make fitness a sustainable and enjoyable part of your lifestyle.

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Muscle Building
  • Injury Prevention
  • Sport Specific Programming
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Kirsty Garing

Kirsty Garing

Personal Trainer + Group Fitness Coach
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Rachael Kelso

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Stephanie Dench

Personal Trainer + Group Fitness Coach
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