Kirsty Garing

I have experienced firsthand the struggles of weight management and self confidence. I am determined to rewrite the narrative, I embarked on a transformative weight loss journey myself, losing over 30kg. As a mother of 4 myself I understand the challenges men & women face in balancing parenthood with self-care. My own experiences inspired me to specialize in pre and postnatal training, guiding women & men through safe and effective exercises tailored to their unique needs. My goal is to empower men/woman to prioritize their well-being without guilt. With a passion for strength training, I emphasize the importance of building both physical and mental resilience. I want to urge my clients to not only achieve their fitness goals but also develop a newfound confidence that shows in every aspect of their lives. Recognising the integral role nutrition plays in overall health, I will educate my clients on the importance of balanced eating habits. I believe in sustainable lifestyle changes rather than quick fixes, empowering my clients to make informed choices that fuel their bodies and nourish their souls.

  • Strength and Conditioning
  • Health and Well being
  • Weight Loss
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Rachael Kelso

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Stephanie Dench

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Bevan Bolger

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